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Hello and welcome to the world of Wendy Woo

First let me apologise for my lack of posting…tent life made it tricky and living on a building site has proved almost as difficult!

It is a muddle here, but the log burners are lit, the sofa has cushions and there is flap jack in the tin, so help yourself. Kettle’s on so tea will be brewing soon.

Feel free to browse. You can jump right into the blogfind out more about me, or contact me using the ‘links’ at the top, or the links to various categories, recent posts, and archives, over on the right. If you’re looking for info on my books, there are four pages; ‘The Lilith Trilogy’, ‘The Standing Stone Books’, ‘Wendy Woo Books’ or ‘Wendy Woo Witchlit’. For the most useful coats in the world (probably), go to ‘Pixie Coats’ and for classes, updates and information, go to ‘Tribal Unity Wales’.

Enjoy, comment, share and please pop back soon.

Bright Blessings.



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    • Definitely cheaper and at least the cats will be on their territory but not sure ‘me ol’ back’ could manage it permanently, Richard!

  1. Hi.. I’m interested in a pixie coat.. purple size medium.. not sure of the length.. would want it to come to my hips and I’m 5’6″ .. thank you

    • Hi Sue, thank you for contacting me about a pixie coat. Long length coats are ankle length and short length around about knee level so I’m guessing, short length would be best for you. I’ve purple/red spiral or star and purple/pink spiral or star available in size medium. Purple/red have purple fringing so, if you love purple, I’d go for one of those! Please email me at to place your order…if you can get back to me today, I’ll do my best to get it in the post for you for tomorrow. I look forward to hearing from you:-)

    • Hi Lesley! Apologies for my late response but thank you for getting in touch. Yes, you are welcome to join us on a Tuesday lunchtime. Wear layers, bare feet are best and bring water. Be lovely to meet you. Wendy

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