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I began teaching in Wales in March 2014. In August, my wonderful ladies joined me at the Cardigan Bellydance Festival for our first performance and we haven’t stop dancing since!


We’ve danced at the Lampeter Food Festival, Cellan Beer Festival and at the Lampeter World of Dance. You can view some of our performances at the Halo Quin Youtube page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAubabZ0MNYMtzHpCFqjM1A



All Tribal Unity Wales classes are held in the Dance Studio, above the Sports Hall in the University in Lampeter. Beginners classes are on Tuesday lunchtime from 1pm-2pm and Wednesday evening from 6pm-7pm. Beyond Basics class is on Wednesday evening from 7pm-8pm and the Advanced calss is by invitation only on Tuesday from 6pm-8pm.. For more information, contact me from this site.


2018 has been another busy year, dancing with the Wee Crafty Folk at two steampunk events, as well as the Lampeter Food Festival and Cardigan Bellydance Festival.

We’ll be dancing the Flashmob and attending the Lampeter World of Dance Festial on 13th October.

Contact me today to begin your dance journey.


Wendy Woo’s Calendar 2017

Tuesday 3rd January – Term Begins

Sunday 12th February 10.30am-1.30pm Fades Workshop, Dance Studio, Lampeter

Sunday 12th February 3pm-6pm Healing Water Ceremony

Wednesday 15th February – Term Ends

Tuesday 28th February – Term Begins

Sunday 5th March – Hafla, Old Hall, Lampeter University – time and venue TBC

Sunday 12th March 10.30am-1.30pm Formations Workshop, Dance Studio, Lampeter

Wednesday 19th April – Term Ends

Tues 25th April – Thurs 11th May – Course in Bulgaria with Katie Holland

Tuesday 16th May – Term Begins

Saturday 20th May 1pm-7pm – Balance and Healing, Woo Hara, Cellan Millenium Hall

Friday 23rd June-Sunday 25th June – TU Performers Yurt Weekend

Saturday 1st July-Sunday 2nd July – Wee Crafty Folk Steampunk Extraordinaire, Blaenavon

Tribal Unity will be performing during the day and in the Showcase on Saturday evening


Saturday 29th July – Lampeter Food Festival, Trinity St David’s, Lampeter

Tribal Unity Wales will be performing two half hour sets in the Entertainment Tent


Wednesday 2nd August – Term Ends/ End of Term Party

Saturday 5th August – Cardigan Bellydance Festival

Saturday 16th August – Family Fun Day in aid of Ty Glyn Davis Trust

Friday 25th August – Masquerave, Lampeter, supporting Gaia United

Tuesday 5th September – Term Begins

Saturday 23rd September – Narberth Book Fair, Narberth

Saturday 14th October – Lampeter Festival of Dance Festival, Victoria Hall, Lampeter 7.00pm-10pm, £7.50 or £5 concessions.

Wednesday 25th October – Term Ends

Tuesday 7th November – Term Begins

Tuesday 19th December – Term Ends/Christmas Party

Follow this blog for updates and information about Tribal Unity Wales. Love and light xx

For all our latest dance videos…



Our latest performance at Cardigan Bellydance Festival