Standing Stone Home For Christmas Cover drop shadow

The Standing Stone – Home for Christmas
Rachel arrives in Wales to begin a new life but will Marcus jeopardise their future together before it’s begun?

Candy knows the punishment for leaving Station 23 unguarded. Will she succeed in convincing Paul to obey the Lesson?

Fern loves her life in the village but when the Tall Folk arrive with metal working skills, will her peace be shattered forever?

Though distanced by time and space, three women find the Standing Stone and the teachings of the Great Mother, Binah.—home-for-christmas


Standing Stone Silence Is Broken ebook cover proof

The Standing Stone – Silence is Broken

Rachel and Marcus are both committed to a new start in Wales….or are they?

Candy confronts the regime in the Dome…will one voice make a difference?

Fern’s place is as the wise woman of the village, following her mother’s line but can she stand up to Nia and Adalbern and secure the peace her village craves?

Three women, linked across time and space by the Standing Stone, are inspired by the Goddess Ishtar.


The Gathering - SMALL(1)


Can Rachel forgive and forget the betrayal by the men in her life and be strong enough to live her own life, embracing the spirit of the horse?

Will Candy remain steadfast to her promise to protect the Land and people of the Badland or will Aaron entice her back to the villages?

Has Fern lost Adalwin to the lure of Mara’s painted body? Can she be the warrior leader her village need while maintaining the heart of a goddess?

Inspired by the goddess Rhiannon, three women tread new and exciting life paths


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