The Riverbank Witch is a creator of magical crafts. She knits, writes, sews, crochets, recycles and upcycles. When she’s not crafting, you’ll find her on her riverbank, tending the soil, planting and coppicing, joining with nature for inspiration.

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Items for sale at The Riverbank Witch. You can message me for details on Facebook or via this website. Everlasting Scrunchies are the latest products to become available, and postage to the UK is FREE this week only.

Chakra Bracelets

Created with semi-precious stones and cleansed on my riverbank by the light of the full moon, these chakra bracelets have eight stones in total, one for each chakra and a black tourmaline for grounding.
The chakra stones are red garnet, carnelian agate, yellow jade. green aventurine, aquamarine, lapis lazuli and amethyst.
You can choose from olive green, dark green, teal or purple lava beads. The bracelets have ring and toggle clasps.
Take a piece of string or similar and measure around your hand, as per the photo. I draped a bracelet across my hand to show you where to measure from. Although that looks too high up, you need a little leeway for the toggle to go through the ring.
Let me know your size in cm and your lava bead colour preference and I’ll let you know if I have that bracelet available, or whether I’ll need to make you one.
Bracelets are £12 each with FREE postage to the UK

Cotton Cloths

Order your cotton cloth by midday Sunday for posting out on Monday.

These generous cloths are ten inch squares of luscious, versatile, hand knitted cotton.
Choose either white (AVAILABLE) or from the Sugar and Cream range, mango madness SOLD, hippi (three shades of blue) SOLD or ahoy ombre (1 ONLY). Choose from moondance (shades of blue and lilac), ecru (really creamy) or key lime pie (bright, zesty lime that my photos don’t do justice to)
White cloths are £5.50, others £6.50
Contact me here to make a purchase, or email me at 🌍🌬🔥💦

Everlasting Scrunchies

The Riverbank Witch presents…Everlasting Scrunchie 💜
Ever wished your favourite scrunchie could last longer?
Now it can!

Crafted with new, extra strong elastic, each scrunchie comes with another piece, two safety pins and wool to sew up the gap.
Snip the line of stitching that holds ends of scrunchie together.
Safety pin one end of new elastic to one end of scrunchie. Thread elastic through with other pin. Pin both ends of the elastic together, or stitch.
Tuck in edges or sew up gap with wool provided.

Check out these gorgeous scrunchies! £5.50 each and FREE postage to the UK this week 💜

From the top of each photo

Pic 1

1 sunny random – SOLD

2 baby blue

3 evening random

Pic 2

4 sunny random – SOLD

5 purple sparkly – SOLD

6 red super fluff

Pic 3

7 cream sparkle fluff

8 sunset random – SOLD

9 unicorn

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Bright blessings xx