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Welcoming Summer


We drove through the lanes to the Llandeilo Book Fair on Saturday, in glorious early morning sunshine. Bluebells crammed the verges and every tree shone with new buds.

13112709_1733318316926657_893385158_oIt was an exciting day. Fans arrived with books already purchased that they wanted me to sign and I met face to face, authors who I’ve interacted with online. Though nervous, I relished the opportunity to share my feelings about magical realism and had lovely feedback after my talk. Sharing with others the inspiration behind my writing was a great way to focus on the future months, the summer ahead and as the crowds faded away, ideas flooded my mind.

Beltane marks the beginning of Summer, welcoming her back after the long months since Samhein. It’s time for ideas from the spring to bear fruit and flourish and as the sun shines, we can look forward to warmer days and longer evenings. 13112704_1734030426855446_828396087_o

My partner and I burned nine of the sacred woods on our riverbank while the dusk chorus rang out in the trees above us. Heron flew up from the river, red kite circled overhead and two ducks arrived to canoodle by ‘the island’. We pulled out burning logs and leapt together, renewing our commitment to each other and setting a date to be handfasted, 21st June 2018.

And we’d love to welcome our friends and family that day to the byre. With only a dry afternoon, we worked hard painting soffit board and dobbing out with lime mortar. 13083146_1733798136878675_2778952018034820534_n13100813_1733798213545334_8576026526738222226_n13133115_1733798256878663_1985447357781358626_n

In the months to come as we work on our house and byre, we’ll be inspired, however tired we are, as we work towards completing our home for midsummer 2018.

Bright Beltane blessings for the Summer ahead.


I’m going to a book fair


After months of organisation and planning, the Llandeilo Book Fair is tomorrow.

The idea of Christoph Fischer, fab author, prolific writer and one of the first people I ever ‘met’ on social media, has blossomed into an exciting day for book lovers of Wales.


Not only can you meet the authors, there are talks and readings, as well as a workshop, a children’s writing competition and food courtesy of the fabulous Caffi Iechyd Da.

I’ve struggled to get organised for my first book fair. DSC_0123

I decided to make the banner to go behind me, recycling material and scrounging card from the shops in the high street. I resurrected my sewing machine from a box upstairs, finding a couple of button boxes along the way.

I wrote my talk and organised promo. I was on schedule…and then was felled by a debilitating virus.

Apart from a niggling cough that won’t quite go, I’m happy to say, I’m well again. My banner is ready, to the best of my ability and I’m packing my plastic boxes today.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting authors, most of whom I’ve only ‘met’ online but whose books I have enjoyed. I’m giving my first ever talk ‘Fantasy and magical realism…it’s all fiction to me’ and will be standing proudly behind my table as book lovers from all over Wales congregate on the Civic Hall.

The magic starts at 10.30am. Come and join us.

Believing in myself


12357161_441144892737912_8446284203059251528_oSay ‘helloo’ to the new Wendy Woo! This is my new author photo, taken by my dance teacher Deana (https://www.facebook.com/DeanaPhotography) I cried when I saw it…I’ve a habit of hiding when cameras come out (hence my old author photo was ten years old!)… but Deana has captured the essence of me and I love it.

On 30th April, along with 23 other authors, I will be setting my stall at the Llandeilo Book Fair…a new photo, a new challenge. I’m working on a banner, a backdrop that infers  ‘This is Wendy. She’s an author, wise woman and goddess. She writes books that will inspire you and take you on a magical journey through the world of fantasy.’ I’m also giving a talk on magical realism and fantasy.

There are less than three weeks until the Llandeilo Book Fair and I’m already quaking in my Doc Martin’s. I’m finding it difficult to get to sleep so, last night I began a new mantra to carry me through to the 30th April. I imagine the day and crowds of excited readers in the hall. I’m chatting and sharing my stories at my stall and I’m giving my talk and I can answer follow up questions and everyone is happy and smiling.

I’ve always believed in my stories but now, it’s time to believe in myself.