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Night at the museum


A news headline caught my eye yesterday. This image leapt straight into my mind…

News Flash
“It came off in me ‘and, guv.”
They looked at the artefact grasped in Brian’s pudgie fingers.
The foreman’s face travelled through pink and red to magenta.
“I’ll fix it, no worries. Me mam says I is good at fixing.”

Arnie and Pete restrained the foreman by the arms while Ian and Baz dug deep into their pockets.
They all chewed. And chewed.
The night foreman, after forty years of service to night security at the museum, was looking forward to a golden hand shake and a peaceful retirement. There was only fifteen minutes before the day staff arrived. His dentures chewed as well.

Mission accomplished, Arnie and Pete, helped the weeping foreman towards the door while Ian and Baz steered Brian towards the exit.
“I fink the king would be amused.”
“Yes, Brian.”
“Wiv a name like ‘Toot an’ come in’, I reckon ‘e would be right up for a bubble gum beard.”