Believing in myself


12357161_441144892737912_8446284203059251528_oSay ‘helloo’ to the new Wendy Woo! This is my new author photo, taken by my dance teacher Deana ( I cried when I saw it…I’ve a habit of hiding when cameras come out (hence my old author photo was ten years old!)… but Deana has captured the essence of me and I love it.

On 30th April, along with 23 other authors, I will be setting my stall at the Llandeilo Book Fair…a new photo, a new challenge. I’m working on a banner, a backdrop that infers  ‘This is Wendy. She’s an author, wise woman and goddess. She writes books that will inspire you and take you on a magical journey through the world of fantasy.’ I’m also giving a talk on magical realism and fantasy.

There are less than three weeks until the Llandeilo Book Fair and I’m already quaking in my Doc Martin’s. I’m finding it difficult to get to sleep so, last night I began a new mantra to carry me through to the 30th April. I imagine the day and crowds of excited readers in the hall. I’m chatting and sharing my stories at my stall and I’m giving my talk and I can answer follow up questions and everyone is happy and smiling.

I’ve always believed in my stories but now, it’s time to believe in myself.

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  1. Beautiful picture! Beautiful woman!
    We’ll be supporting one another. I’m reading – my worst nightmare. I shall do what I did at the launch (what every wise woman worth her salt does when she’s up against it) & don a glamour! xXx

    • Thanks Carol, really appreciate your support and thank you for your kind words. I spent so much of my life wearing a mask, pleasing other people so I’m hoping the public will like the real me. Love and light xx

  2. It’ll be great fun, Wendy. Honestly, you’ll enjoy it, All the authors will be supportive of one another. People want you to succeed; they’re not there to knock anyone down. And it’s good practice for our Tenby Book Fair in September. Gorgeous photo by the way! jx

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