I am writing …Day 4


With my partner working away for two weeks, I’ve taken the opportunity of a quiet house to launch myself into the story that’s been buzzing around in my head since last October.

The day he left, once I’d had a good cry, I picked up my fountain pen and new lined pad and….nothing. It took four hours and four cups of rooibos before the words began to flow.

The hardest thing is blocking out the world. Neighbours knock, which is lovely, with eggs to swap for cake and courgettes and onions in return for home made vege burgers but they interrupt the flow so, on the second day, my best writing emerged on the page between 10.30pm and 2am.

Yesterday, after errands were run in town, wood chopped, neighbours dispatched and a lovely long Mummy/Daughter conversation, I began writing at 3pm and called a halt at 7.30pm as my stomach rumbling was distracting. I typed up (when I give my writing it’s first edit) for a couple of hours but I felt weary and left it for today.

This morning, the big wood burner is lit, the heating has clicked on and I’m about to jump in the bath.

As I’m more than half way through writing my new book, a novelette entitled ‘The Standing Stone – Home for Christmas’, I’ll post the BOB (back of book) blurb very soon. Writing has been a joy these past few days and, with the last pages from yesterday to type up before I begin my new writing, I’m looking forward to a fulfilling Friday.

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