One year on!


It’s a year today that we arrived in Wales. We went from a tent m_summer 2013 and tent pictures 440 to a caravan …and finally moved into our house Wales to May 2014 011


We’ve achieved an awful lot in physical terms…we have a bath and a flushing toilet and our chimneys are lined and wood burning stoves installed…but how does it feel emotionally after a very different year?

Though I miss so much about Essex, my tribal sisters and family, I’m blessed with wonderful neighbours (just picked up the key to feed a neighbour’s cat this weekend and received a jar of blackcurrant jam and a rhubarb one that I’m told is very moreish!), live in an amazing place and I’m teaching and getting to know a fab bunch of ladies in my dance classes.

Honestly, emotionally, I’ve been to the peaks of the mountains and the very depths of these lush green valleys. Out of routine for so long, I feel like a leaf, shaken from the tree, swirling in the maelstrom…sometimes I latch onto a bank, take a breather, try to work out where I’m going and then I’m flipped into the chaos again….but I’m living, really living and I’ve never felt more alive.

Sometimes I bemoan my middling years, wishing I had youth on my side but age is just numbers, not a rule to guage life by. My body aches most mornings, injuries acquired reminding me of their presence but the determination to make each day a good one keeps me going as well as the knowledge that I am lucky, truly blessed. I have my health, the love and support of my friends and family, my books are selling and my dance classes blossoming and on top of all that, I have the love of a great partner.

Follow your dream….don’t expect it to go to plan, expect everything to take twice as long as you imagined and cost twice as much but don’t panic…enjoy the journey. You’re allowed to have days where you’re angry and frustrated (gaining planning permission would make a saint scream!) but remember, each day is part of your dream and you can choose how you spend it.

Now follows a short advert….

If you haven’t grabbed your copy of my new novel Wrath of Angels, you can find it here:

If you are unfamiliar with my non-fiction book Wendy Woo’s Year – A Pocketful of Smiles – 101 ideas for a happy year and a happy you, you can find it here:

………….and if you’re in the Mid Wales area and want to join me to dance, you can find all details on the Tribal Unity Website

Thank you to everyone who has supported my writing and dancing over this year and I look forward to another exciting year in Wales, my new home.




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  1. Miss you so much Wendy but I am so happy that you took the giant leap and followed your dreams 🙂 plus we have just spent two weekends on the trot with you so it’s not too bad right now 🙂 xxx Love you muchly Woo Woo

  2. Well I have only just met you Wendy and love the challenge you have set yourself – your cottage is gorgeous and I’m so pleased you are finally in it. I’ve had my own battles with the planners and our house was once the longest running planning project Cambridgeshire had on it’s books! It’s still not finished – haha! Love your philosophy – keep on smiling it sounds like you have landed in a good place 🙂

    • Thanks Georgia Rose and it’s good to hear of others who have survived the planning process…would be good to have a roof before the winter though! Looking forward to getting to know you better:-)

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