Meet the Author – Sarah PJ White


I met Sarah at Swanwick Writers Summer School two years ago and we’ve kept in touch ever since. Here’s her author profile…..

Sarah PJ White was born in Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom in 1972. She is author of numerous online and offline articles and is also a qualified Life Coach and Alternative Therapist.

Sarah is currently writing her second fiction novel – book two in ‘The Account Trilogy’ – a fantasy novel based on the pretext that the Bible is actually a cover-up for the real, much more sinister truth about Earth and our existence; and who really is in charge.

The founder of ‘Self Confidence Workshops, Sarah writes the material for the courses and articles on her self confidence building website for adults ( in her spare time.

Sarah now lives in Thatcham, Berkshire, with her husband, teenage daughter and their rescue pets – two cats (Badger and Fizz) and a hyperactive German Shepherd called Bear.


As Sarah was releasing her first work of fiction, I invited her to share more about herself and her writing on my blog….


1 How do you write? Is everything plotted, planned to perfection? Do you ever change tack as you go along or always stick to a pre-made plan?

I always spend ages writing a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of my book. I state exactly what is going to happen in that chapter, and if I need to add details later (such as places, names or discussions etc) I’ll put ‘whatever the so and so place is called’, or ‘whoever this person is’.


Once I actually start writing however, the characters tend to take over and the story goes in a completely different direction before going back on track at the end! I guess that this appeals to the rebellious side of me – the OCD organised side gets to plan everything to perfection, and the rebellious side tramples all over it! They’re both happy though, knowing it starts and ends where it’s supposed to.


2 Do you have a writing ritual? Meditation, certain cup for your tea, writing trousers?

I have a mug I won as part of Ezine Articles ‘100 articles in 100 days’ challenge. It’s probably one and a half times the size of a normal mug, so I get to drink lots of tea whilst I’m writing. I also have to light a candle and have it burning whilst writing fiction – I can stare at the flame whilst thinking my way through things.


3 Aside from writing, what makes you tick? Tell us 5 things about yourself we probably don’t know.

Well, I love chocolate éclair toffee sweets (I have a stash of them in the drawer in my office. I always have to collect a couple of shells and stones when we go on holiday & they’re in a heart-shaped dish that sits on a shelf behind my laptop. I’m actually a hopeless romantic and cry over the slightest hint of anything lovely or sad on the television. I’m obsessed with writing in black ink pens – blue will just not cut it and absolutely hate raspberries – the smell, texture, look of them – everything about them!


4 If you were stranded on a desert island with shelter, food and water, what 5 items would you want with you?

My two cats, dog, husband and daughter – or if that’s not allowed – a toothbrush, deodorant, second pair of knickers (my gran always said you should have a clean pair of knickers!), an educational course/book (like learning mandarin or something else that would take ages) and some paint to make said island look appealing.


5 On said island, what 5 books would you take and why?

The fore-mentioned educational book as I always love learning new things, fly-fishing by J R Hartley (as I always wondered about this one, after watching the Yellow Pages ad!) and Unlimited Potential by Anthony Robbins and Conversations With God: Book 1 (Neale Donald Walsch), because I find both of these incredibly inspirational. The final book I’d have to take is probably one on public speaking – as I’m forever an optimist I’d like to be ready to deal with the paparazzi once I was finally rescued.


6 Off the island now, which famous person would you like to have dinner with?­

I’d love to have dinner with Richard Branson, as he’d have lots of things to talk about and I could pick his brain about his entrepreneurial skills.


7 Your current writing projects?

Following the release of ‘The Last Angel’, I’m currently working on the chapter breakdown for book two of ‘The Account Trilogy’. I’m also planning a couple of articles and am converting a six week self confidence course into a follow-up to ‘The Self Confidence & Self Esteem Bible’.


8 Other published work and links….

The Last Angel on UK Amazon


The Last Angel on US Amazon


The Self Confidence & Self Esteem Bible on UK Amazon


The Self Confidence & Self Esteem Bible on US Amazon


My website:

How lovely to find out more about Sarah….I had no idea about the chocolate eclair toffees! Do check out her website for all that is happening and new in her world.


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