In a moment of calm, a time of reflection, I look back at 2012…….

As a child I loved writing, telling the stories that came into my head and this year I’ve seen my childhood dream recognised with five of my books published for readers to enjoy…I am a writer.

Each stage of the writing, editing, publishing and promoting process has been a challenge. Some bits I’ve enjoyed more than others but, when my first paperback arrived through the post, all 322 pages of it, I knew all the angst and hard work was worthwhile.


Writing, but more so promoting, took up a big chunk of my time in 2012 and I will need to work this year on redressing the balance.

I’ve begun some plans on redistributing my workload, speaking to others about joining me on my writing journey so I’ll keep you posted as the plans unfold. If they work, they will leave me much more time for writing.


My birthday kindle has been well used already! The first book I read was ‘The Ritual’ by Mark Barry, a highly recommended read and the second ‘The Pet Washer’ by Jennifer Alvarez, a beautifully written story I finished in three sittings. My wonderful children bought me a cover for my kindle in my favourite purple so it was a very merry holiday in our house. I bought a number of Indie paperbacks as gifts this year including ‘Make a Joyful Noise’ for myself and this too was a lovely, well written story I would recommend.

It’s been an amazing dancing year too. It’s been my busiest year of performing and I’ve loved it. We’ve danced outdoors at school fetes, indoors in theatres, outdoors at picnics, indoors at gigs…indoors in tents and, the craziest of all, outdoors ankle deep in mud…brilliant!

Tribal Unity, my tribal sisters, are my family and I love them all. 2012 was a wonderful year for getting closer to those I love most.

It was a year for making new friends and though most of them were online, there have been one or two I know I will stay friends with forever as we support each other on our writing path. I’ve met amazing, wonderful people this year and I hope to make more new friends in 2013.

For the second year, we celebrated Yule with the children and their partners and my wish for this year is that we will do it again….but in Wales. For me, Yule is the beginning of the new year as the days become longer and we look forward to the sun. I’m glad we had a lovely Christmas Day too since my mum has been in hospital since Boxing Day and there were times I felt it may have been her last Christmas but she is getting better with the fabulous care of the reablement centre and I’m looking forward to taking her home on 28th January.

So my hopes for 2012 of writing and dancing have been more than fulfilled while our house move has still not happened..maybe I couldn’t have everything and the universe decided I needed to write and dance? Whatever the reason, we survived… just and now my focus has to be on selling our house and moving, giving my partner and I the opportunity to start again, build a new life together among the mountains we adore, working towards our future together…a future of writing, dancing, creating, friends, family, music and peace.

Looking back over my half century of life, I need never be scared of the future or of anything. However challenging life is, I’m equipped to cope.  With a wealth of experience and with the support and love of my friends and family, I can do anything.



About steelewendy

I'm author, wise woman and goddess, inspiring women to dance and creating magical writing with novels and short stories. To enter the world of Wendy Woo, check out my website

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