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The following questions were posed to me by Cyndi Williams Barnier as part of an author interview bog hop.  One author answers a series of 10 questions posed to them, and then tags another author and asks them ten questions.   The question ask of Cyndi and her answers can be found here when completed:  http://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/3070606-interested-in-serial-killers


  1. Oh my, Wendy Steele’s Facebook Page is just a little too awesome and beautiful! In a few words (sorry), can you answer the question “who” is Wendy? What motivates her? We see she is expressive, interpretive and motivated not only to her but also to others! What is the ‘untold’ story?

    I’m a simple soul, Cyndi. My life has revolved around bringing up three children and making a home for them with my partner and cats. Now they are almost grown, I’m dedicating more time to writing and dancing. I dance ATS® tribal bellydance and will be teaching that style when we finally move to Wales.

  1. Why types of books do you write, what is/are the genre? Which is your favorite? (Fiction/Non-Fiction).

    The Lilith Trilogy is a work of fiction with a hint of the occult, a smattering of witchcraft and a generous dollop of spirituality. I loved writing the first book Destiny of Angels but I’m loving writing the second, Wrath of Angels, even more. The Wendy Woo Books are being launched with Wendy Woo’s Year – A Pocketful of Smiles – 101 ideas for a happy year and a happy you on 1st December and will be out in paperback by March next year. Writing non-fiction allows me to have a closer relationship with my readers, sharing my life, my hopes and my beliefs. This first book came about from helping friends and them saying ‘You should write a book about that.’

  1. Are you published? If so, whom did you use? Can you tell us a little about your experience with your publishers?

    My books are published on kindle by Soundhaven and in paperback by my own company Phoenix and the Dragon. My good friend and fellow author Peter Jones has been my guide to all things tech for a number of years now. He very kindly formats my work and sorts the covers with me. I pay him in home made food for his freezer! In return, he calls me his wise and sexy guru!

    I planned to find an agent and follow the traditional route when Destiny was first ready but, after numerous rejections and only one agent really ‘getting’ Destiny and then her ignoring my emails, I decided that as my main intent in writing the book was to share a good story, I would have a go at doing it myself.

  1. You use “Wendy Steele” as your author name, but it seems you also use a pen name for an author website. What is the genesis of “Wendy Woo”?

    All my fiction work will be published under Wendy Steele. It’s my name and, now the children are through school, I’m very happy to revert back to my maiden name. The non-fiction will be published as Wendy Woo Books, as Wendy Woo was my dad’s name for me and is very special in my heart and so the perfect, cosy name to share with my readers.

  2. How many books/novels have you written thus far and do you intend to write more? If so, what would you consider the subjects might be…will they deviate from your other writings and if so, why?

    Destiny of Angels is my first novel. The second book Wrath of Angels is well on the way to completion, though I will have a lot of editing to do! The third book in the trilogy has a skeleton plan. My fiction is character led so, although I know where the books will start and end, I have very little say about the middle! I love writing like this…I know my characters really well and they write the story themselves. I also have two short story anthologies out, Into the Flames are hot, straight talking, near the knuckle stories while Turn down the Heat are easy reading.

    Wendy Woo’s Year – A Pocketful of Smiles – 101 ideas for a happy year and a happy you will be published on 1st December with another little book….it’s a surprise so make sure you are around at the end of November to find out all about it. There are more books to come from Wendy Woo and you can find out about them on my website or on the Wendy Woo Books facebook page.

    As far as deviating from my writing goes, I have another novel, maybe a trilogy, that I started a few years back that I will go back to but it is the same genre as The Lilith Trilogy. My very first novel, never published as too long and too wordy, has a bunch of wonderful characters in it and I am contemplating turning this into serialised fiction.

    I’m always having new ideas for stories so, who knows what will come next!

  1. You seem to have numerous reflections, you’re intuitive, assertive and elemental. How do these traits influence your writing?

    I’m not sure about assertive! As storytellers, I think all our life experience has a part to play in our writing. I write the books I would like to read so there are descriptive passages, for instance, that create an atmosphere, especially during the magical scenes while in other places in my work, the dialogue may be cruel, rude or harsh and some of the sex scenes, erotic but the writing should reflect the characters and the situations they find themselves in.

    So, my life influences my writing but as the characters write the book, I’m not sure by how much.

  1. It appears that you very much like animals, they have, and they do indeed have importance in all our lives. Do you consider them totems or simply our loved little ones? Do they play a part in your books?

    Yes, I have huge respect for all living creatures and there will come a day when I shall officially be the mad cat woman! Can’t speak about other animals but cats have their own personality and we treat them, in our house, as part of the family.

  1. After looking at your website, it appears you are assertive in many aspects, and you have numerous personal reflections on certain traditions. Which ones are the most dominant in your personal life and in your writings?

    There’s that word assertive again! I will let you into a secret…I was petrified of blogging when I started so my friend said to me, ‘be yourself’ and I took that great advice. I started sharing quite ‘me’ stuff and to my surprise, people enjoyed it! I’ve maintained that profile with all my social interaction on the net and hope that if you met me in the street you would recognise me.

    If I had to name one aspect of myself that’s most important in my life and my writing it would be my affinity with nature.

  1. Which other authors do you like or read?

    I’m waiting on a big birthday (which is nearly here!) when I hope my family will have taken the hint and bought me a kindle so I can catch up on all the wonderful Indie books out there! My favourite author is Terry Pratchett. He is a master storyteller.

  1. If you marketed/advertised your books, what have you learned and what recommendations can you give?

    Well, I’ve tried! Because the publishing industry is going through changes every week, just like the music industry before it, it’s hard to know if what you are doing will work. My main aim in the seven months I have been marketing my work has been to get to know other authors and writers. I started big, joining every group and trying to be everywhere but now, I have a few groups I give my time to and a great group of close knit authors who work for and with each other. ‘Where Writers and Authors Meet’ has been a fabulous help to me! Virginia is a star, so patient, kind and a fount of all knowledge while all the other authors are supportive…and we have a giggle.!

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My interview questions are for Patrick Perry and you can find his answers here:


Here are the questions I sent to him:

1 How do you write? Is everything plotted, planned to perfection? Do you ever change tack as

you go along or always stick to a pre-made plan?

2 Do you have a writing ritual? Meditation, certain cup for your tea, writing trousers?

3 Aside from writing, what makes you tick? Tell us 5 things about yourself we probably don’t know.

4 If you were stranded on a desert island with shelter, food and water, what 5 items would you

want with you?

5 On said island, what 5 books would you take and why?

6 Off the island now, which famous person would you like to have dinner with?­

7 Your current writing projects?

8 Other published work and links….







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