Competition this Friday 31st August!



at the Destiny of Angels page!

Instead of our BOB Bonanza this month, I’ve decided to run a competition to celebrate one year of blogging. The prize is an amethyst crystal and a few little goodies in keeping with the themes of Destiny of Angels. Amethyst is often called the all-healer but I like to think of it as the soother, relieving headaches and stress and allowing ones mind to see more clearly. Worn, used for divining, hung in a window or secreted under a pillow, amethyst is one of my favourite crystals.

I promised a competition that could be done in a tea or lunch break or two, as I know you are all busy writing so, here are the rules….
1 Visit my blog at
2 Using one of the blog titles, write in a flash (max. 100 words) how the blog or title is either
a) relevant to you ie what it makes you think of
b) how it inspires you
c) a response ie your take on my view of something
d) a flash fiction story
3 Post your piece on the Destiny of Angels page on Friday 31st August
4 Browse the posts and like any/some or all….the post with the most likes chosen by YOU by midnight GMT on Friday will win the prize.I do hope you will all take part and feel free to spread the word about the competition:-)

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