Confessions of a wiggly worm addict


Wiggly Worm
When I learn something new, take on a new task, I like to give it everything.

The launch of Destiny of Angels and my career as a writer were no exception.

Within days of reaching 30 likes on Facebook, I became a wiggly worm addict.

I’ve never been a fan of statistics. Words I can handle while numbers make me nervous but making my wiggly worm climb became an obsession. Different posts cause different reactions. Photos are popular but, surprisingly, simple posts unshared from others, simple words of my own, make the wiggly worm reach for the sky.

For three months I’ve connected with the Facebook family and shared. I’ve shared my love of books, music and dance and photos and words that inspire me. I’ve opened my page to the Amazing Karmic Sharefest and the BOB Bonanza, monthly sharing events, where I’ve made friends and enjoyed meeting like-minded people. I’ve learned from their posts about the publishing industry and the difficulties and choices of writers across the world. In those three months I’ve expanded my ‘Friends of fans’ from 2,000 to over 65,000 and my ‘reach’ from a handful to over 3,500……but the obsession stops now.

My non-fiction book is almost ready to ‘go’ as is my short story anthology. Over 1700 copies of Destiny of Angels have been downloaded, at least a dozen paperbacks have been sold and  I have 5 5* reviews on Amazon and I’m proud, really happy that I have achieved all this in three months but………….

I miss writing fiction.

From today, 23rd July 2012, my focus is on writing the second book in the Trilogy, Wrath of Angels. The hours I have given to the wiggly worm are to be transferred to writing fiction. The Sharefest and the BOB Bonanza will still run on the Destiny of Angels page but my obsessions with the wiggly worm stop now.

Wish me luck…….



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  1. I know what you mean about that “wiggly worm” – I logged onto my facebook page this morning and was really put out when I saw that the line on my graph (the wiggly worm as you put it) had dropped! And all because I took a day off!

    Maybe there should be a second graph showing us “hours spent on facebook”, or “words not written due to facebook”. Now that would be motivating 😉

  2. I, too had an obsession with the wiggly worm graph – but I have been beautfiully blessed – my wiggly worm has gone, disappeared to a earthy hideout and has been there for at least 10 days. Do I want him (or her) to return … ? No, not at all. I mean no harm or hard feelings towards poor Mr(s) Wiggly Worm, but our friendship has been one of obsession and it had to end.
    I have my book listed for FREE for the next few days. Will I check every second minute to find out how many copies have been downloaded. No, I’m not going to now. Wendy, you have given my instant strength to kick the stats to touch and to carry on with words and writing and creating beautiful stories.
    Thanks for that, hugs n x

    • It really gets under your skin, doesn’t it Ngaire? I allowed myself a once a day look at the stats on my KDP account and once a day on Amazon itself.
      So glad you are looking forward to making words your master…or mistress…and looking forward to sharing them. Hugs x

  3. I don’t even know what that is, Wendy! I just remember the worm at the bottom of the garden! Do you know what? I don’t care about all that so I shall give it a miss.
    Hope you enjoy the next two weeks. Its been a pleasure getting to know you and I wish you all the best with WOA (H) 🙂
    Wiz xx

    • Ha ha ha! You will! Once you get 30 likes on your facebook page….a wiggly worm graph appears…and it hooks you!!

  4. Way to go with the successes, Wendy and keep it up! I noticed too on my page that simple posts,etc seem to have a farther reach. Think FB and Amazon (rankings) formulas were made to be not only confusing,but addicting. 🙂 Your focus is in the right place-great job and happy writing!

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