Sharing the Love


holding handsFriday was  ‘The Amazing Karmic Sharefest’. Friday was a happy day.

As you know, I’m a new girl to the writing industry. With only one book ‘out there’ (at the moment!) I’m at a disadvantage as I have no back catalogue with which to tempt my readers but, as a new girl, I came to this thrilling adventure with no preconceived ideas, just a feeling of excitement at being able to share my stories directly with my readers.

My excitement grows each day.

Many times my approach to life has been criticised as naive, my trust in human kindness besmirched and my belief that love is the one true answer to a happy life berated.

On Sunday, I heard the Dalai Lama asked about the plight and causes of the failing British economy and ongoing recession in the world and what he felt people should do. His reply was threefold. Greed was the catalyst and speculation without supportive knowledge the blight. With ease and succinctness he summed up the problems of our world today. His final words were not those of impending doom but words of hope…..don’t lose sight of what is important, believe life will get better, look to a future of peace and happiness.

I choose to live my life and conduct my business with the teachings of the Dalai Lama in my heart.

Of course I want to sell my books and share my writing with as many people as possible but money is not my ruler. I write because I can’t not write and to share my stories is what makes me happy. Writing is what I do, it’s what I am and to be able to share that with others is a privilege.

On Friday, a bunch of people, many who had never had contact before, shared their endeavours, loves, passions and stories on ‘The Destiny of Angels’ page. Some sold books, others found friends and support but everyone had fun in the spirit of sharing.

‘The Amazing Karmic Sharefest’ will be back on Friday 22nd July and before then, ‘The BOB Bonanza’ on Tuesday 3rd July will give readers and writers another opportunity to share.

Come and join us….. keep sharing the love.



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    • Be lovely to see you at the next Sharefest on 22nd July and also at the new sharing event ***THE BOB BONANZA*** on Tuesday 3rd July:-)

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