Wendy Woo’s Wonderful Weekend of Dance


Touch the Earth

As the clock ticked on, the foyer filled up with smiling, excited people. Rivulets of music from the sound check crept into conversations and a buzz of expectancy travelled through the crowd.

Positions were taken, seats filled, Touch the Earth began. As Lynn’s voice filled the auditorium, my toes began to tingle. Images of our beautiful world back dropped the band as guitar, violin and drum took their cue. Luscious sound swamped my ears as Tribal Unity moved forward to the music and the dance began.

Song after beautiful song colour washed our hearts as our bodies interpreted our joy and love for our world and the wonderful beings upon it. Tribal Unity danced as sisters and as one goddess, in tune with ourselves and each other. We danced as a tribe, we danced in groups, we danced solo but we always danced together.

Beltane Picnic

The day dawned warm and bright. The sun beamed down on the Hadleigh Country Park as we gathered for the picnic. Stalls of colourful wares edged the field while picnickers sought out the shade. Babies and children, young and old, we gathered together to celebrate the beauty of the earth with music, words and dance.

Tribal Unity, in bright flowing attire, danced in front of the Roundhouse for the delectation of the picnickers. The sun shone its power into our hearts, warming our skin as we shared our love and the music streamed through our bodies to our finger tips and feet. No lumpy grass nor hidden holes could tip our balance and we finished our set in a circle of unity.

The beat of a drum began. Soon other drums joined it as the dancers picked up the sound and took it to their hearts. Swaying and curving they wrapped their love around each other, trusting each other and smiling at the joy they shared. On and on went the drum until it reached its crescendo and began to subside, slowing and quietening until just a single heart beat remained.


About steelewendy

I'm author, wise woman and goddess, inspiring women to dance and creating magical writing with novels and short stories. To enter the world of Wendy Woo, check out my website www.wendysteele.com.

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