Point of focus


Since neutralising the colour scheme and packing away personal possessions

in order to sell our house, I’ve found it hard to find my focus. Photos, momentos, ticket stubs, cards and notes, are all consigned to bubble wrap and cardboads boxes. These were the images that made my life. Their physical presence defined me, reminded me who I was and swamped my mind with happy, positive images.

But the sorting process has been cathartic. My notes from ‘A’ Level Economics, the handwritten scribblings of stories long ago assigned to the computer and bobbly clothing of various sizes have been consigned to the bonfire and bin. Excess of all sorts has been shared and reallocated. My life has been pared to a minimum.

So now where do I look to for focus?

On a corner of my chest of drawers, the image of a sinewy, smiling turquoise dragon looks at me from a ‘thank you’ card, helping me focus on my future life in Wales. Another card, the Lady of Avalon, stands behind a sumptuous feminine earth goddess figure, stirring in me the inspiration of the Goddess of Glastonbury, her Temple and her followers, my sisters, who support me in all I do.

A small stone statue of an Egyptian cat stands next to a smooth sculptured rose quartz crystal and a rough hewn chunk of amethyst, connecting me with the earth, healing my concerns and honing my mind to my writing. My passion for words was first ignited by a visit to the Tutankhamun exhibition when I was eleven years old, inspiring my love of Egyptian history.

There are two photos of my children and my mum and dad, reminding me of my ancestry and the future generation, that life moves on and to concentrate on my life now.

The final item at my point of focus, is sometimes among these other treasures but often around my neck. It’s a moonstone merkaba whose geometric fascination has set me on a new path of enlightenment, empowering me with the energy to dance and helping me define my place in the Universe.

As the whirlpool of life tugs at you from all directions, create your own point of focus. Light a candle, place a flower in a vase, create a personal space to focus you in your life now.







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