The number five


As I drifted off to sleep last night, I realised that it’s five days to go before the launch of Destiny of Angels and that you can download the novel for free for five days after that and this started me thinking about the number five and what it means to me.

This isn’t about numerology but about what the number conjures up in my mind…..

Hands – when I see hands, I think five. From four to eighteen years old, my hands were the means in which I made music as I studied the piano and practised while now, they hold my pen when I write, type my words on the keyboard and play my zils as I dance. They held my babies when they were born and hug them now they are grown.

Human being – counting four limbs and a head and then the senses, I see my human being in the stance of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian man – the balance and perfection of the form makes me tingle.

Five platonic solids – I’ve been reading about these and sacred geometry in the past six months. Catalogued by Plato, these shapes are an integral part of our existence, life, future and past on this planet.

Pentagram – though the five plantonic solids are assigned an element, for me, the pentagram holds the key to life.  Made up of five strokes, perfect in it’s construction, I see the balance of earth, air, fire, water and spirit in this shape.

So, this monday morning, with frost melting on the lawn as the sun warms my garden, I feel a sense of balance as I contemplate the number five, a feeling that the world and everything in it has a single source. We are made up from the same components and this geometry is universal.

My picture of a human being fits perfectly over my pentagram and so today, I fit perfectly in my world.

What does the number five mean to you?



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