I’ve never liked February. It’s always felt like a ’empty’ month, with January being the month to recover from Christmas while March is the beginning of Spring.

I realised my impending gloom as February loomed nearer was probably not helping, drawing negative energy to my negative thoughts so, this year, I endeavoured to trick my mind into believing that February was going to be fab.

With the celebration of Imbolc at the beginning of the month, I’ve managed to refocus my attention and my mind. I appreciate the role of winter far more, cherishing the new growth below the soil and within the trees and shrubs while freezing the earth to kill off unwanted bugs and germs.

I appreciate too, the late Bramley apples to make my crumble, my all time favourite comfort food, and the root vegetables and pulses that combine together to warm me with hearty soup.

Now I look to the light, for the warmth of the sun that I know will come, as the new shoots break the surface of the earth and fill the garden with the sweetest mauves and yellows, to the joyous hum of the bees.

February 2012 has been just like all other Februarys. I’m propped up in bed with a rotten virus, a clapped out back (overdid the painting and the dancing!), hot flushes (my hormones waging war on the virus and pain that racks my body) and no heating, as the boiler gave up but…….

I’m still smiling, writing on my A4 pad when an idea drifts into my brain and typing this for you.

No more gloomy rhetoric about the weather, the roads and the economy.

February is the month to prepare for Spring.

Love and light to you all.

About steelewendy

I'm author, wise woman and goddess, inspiring women to dance and creating magical writing with novels and short stories. To enter the world of Wendy Woo, check out my website www.wendysteele.com.

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