10…9…8 the countdown begins…


Delta II rocket launch

When you dream of something with a passion, plans are good.

Plans focus your intent, throw up difficulties and make you ask questions of yourself and your commitment. Plans enable you to ascertain if a dream can feasibly become a reality. The deeper you question and the more detailed your plans, doubts and fears bubble to the surface seeking to undermine your dream.

Working through the simmering worries brings you even closer to a plan that will work and the list making begins

I’ve lived and worked with the above for the past two years, plans leading to more plans and those, in turn spurting forth list upon list. Logistics, possibilities, finances and feasibility have encroached on and consumed my working days and sleepless nights but the one thing I hadn’t planned for was the emotional fall out.

With two years to get used to our ‘dream move’, I believed I’d worked through my emotions but, after five weeks of physical exertion, moving the plan forward, the enormity of the emotional pull rendered me a tearful blob at the weekend.

In the past, I’ve ignored such feelings, pushing them aside and quashing them to enable me to continue on my practical course, but not anymore. How I feel is important.

The clock may be ticking, the countdown begun, but life’s not all about ‘blast off’. The journey to ‘3…2…1’ is just as important and so, just for today, I’m turning my back on plans and lists.

No ‘doing’, just ‘being’.

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I'm author, wise woman and goddess, inspiring women to dance and creating magical writing with novels and short stories. To enter the world of Wendy Woo, check out my website www.wendysteele.com.

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