The end of summer


After an amazing summer (more of that with photos later) still flying on a Swanwick high, I had a  sunny, dancing weekend and felt I was invincible, amazing and could take on the world and then yesterday, the Universe pulled out the proverbial rug from under me.

This morning, as the wind picks up the leaves and flies them round the garden and drizzle dampens my dash to the freezer in the garage, it feels like the end of summer. Grey and desolate, I pile fruit in my breakfast bowl and put the kettle on and then I see it; a scrap of paper on the kitchen counter.

‘To Mummy

I hope you find that today is a better day.

If you’re resting when I pick my stuff up, I’d just like to say now ‘N’night, I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow’

Jaz Pops xxx’


Summer is restored.




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